"Meta-Browser" Solution Makes Interoperability a Reality

For Healthcare Providers who access patient data, Shadowbox is a productivity platform that connects applications at the click of a button. Unlike paper forms, traditional integrations, data warehouses, or one-off service provider portals, Shadowbox has the lowest adoption cost and the highest data fidelity while proactively preventing HIPAA violations.

Uniquely Innovative

Shadowbox uses a front-end method to read and write into active Web Sessions accessed by the user in real time. Using its multi-view interface, users gain compliant, secured, and simultaneous registration into multiple sessions while running macro-commands across them. Shadowbox transfers data between applications and automates their inner operations without risk of data exposure due to its containment within the Shadowbox platform.

Infinitely Better

Due to our inexpensive SaaS model and Browser-like user experience overlaying existing tool-sets, adoption is a cinch:

- Small enterprises minimize capital expense

- Large enterprises maximize value by unbundling enterprise systems to access best in class features/functions

- Lightweight and versatile

- Compliance is built in; with features designed to automate prevention (ie. HIPAA disclosures)

Unlimited Utility

Every business is challenged by tedium, error, waste, and cost. When security is scripted, as opposed to monitored by humans, vulnerabilities are automatically reduced in the system. The value of minimizing error—prone manual work, especially in a process—heavy and highly—regulated environment like healthcare, cannot be overstated — especially when PHI and HIPAA compliance are involved.

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Creates Connections

What would your Shadowbox "meta-browser" link together?

Connect with Shadowbox

Envision the experience of eliminating human data transfer error, complicated export/import functions, or expensive back end API integration.  Enter the world of contextual assembly.

Shadowbox utilizes a proprietary environment to create actionable connections between disparate software systems. Where there is a web interface, there is a connection.

Simply assemble a Shadowbox act tuned to your systems and workflow, and watch as a single query pulls the data you require from one system, and pushes it cross-environment to its destination system. With transaction complete, revised or new data may be returned to its origination for update.

Tally the savings in time, money, and personnel.

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Ends Routine

How do you imagine Shadowbox making work more fun?

Automate with Shadowbox

Repetitive tasks are petri dishes for culturing human error, employee dissatisfaction, waste and lost opportunity.  How many millions of dollars are left on the table every day due to transposed digits, typos and spelling errors, or uncompleted forms?

Shadowbox utilizes its proprietary contextual assembly environment to open opportunities for creative design and implementation of workflow optimization “acts”.  Because Shadowbox provides cross platform utility, operations experts now envision automation where previously infeasible.

What processes do you want to automate today?

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Generates Sales

How will you use Shabowbox to create your competitive edge?

Win with Shadowbox

Successful companies win business by knowing the competition, their customers, and the pain points they are positioned to solve.  Sales success can turn on a single data point.

Shadowbox utilizes its proprietary environment to enable the design and assembly of customized contextual search “acts” to optimize collection, analysis, and deployment of critical market information.

When was the last time you lost a sale because you didn’t know your competitor had a better offer?

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