Automate Workflow

Clinicians save time and reduce clicks through an automated lab test order and results retrieval system, using current Patient demographic, diagnosis, medication, and insurance information with a HIPAA compliant connection to their practice management (ie. EMR) software.

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EMR Connections

Laboratory systems direct connect with Practice Management Software (ie. EMR) to utilize clinic based Patient Information to automate Requisitions, Test Results, Analytics, or External Source Requirements (ie. Prescription Drug Management database searches).

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Customized Solutions

Shadowbox is a powerful web platform capable of more than connecting EMRs, Labs, Analytics, and External Data Sources (ie. Prescription Drug Management databases). Learn about different applications, new Shadowbox functions and workflows customized to meet your business needs.

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Shadowbox Inc. is a software solutions provider focused on solving the $300 Billion healthcare interoperability challenge and beyond. Using our patent-pending front end methodology, we create unique and powerful connections between web applications to create value for our customers.

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Every healthcare service provider struggles to get complete patient data.  The AMA reports that this results in 61% of claims being initially denied due to missing or incorrect patient information.

Introducing Shadowbox, a secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant web productivity platform leveraging AI and Blockchain to improve healthcare outcomes (and help service providers get paid!)

When compliance is automated through scripted security, as opposed to being monitored by humans, system vulnerabilities are automatically reduced.

The value of minimizing error prone manual work, especially in a process heavy and highly regulated environment like healthcare, cannot be overstated — especially when PHI and HIPAA compliance are involved., 3/5/2018

We connect them

We’ll connect your customer's applications to yours so you can avoid hefty integration and maintenance fees!

New life for old systems.

We’ll bundle the best features of your systems old and new so you can put off the hassle of upgrades and still get great results!.

Sticky Customers

We’ll create sticky features that make your customers want to buy from you again and again!

We automate Document Management

We’ll automate regulatory requirements for your documents to make compliance a breeze!

Real Time Dashboards!

We’ll connect your systems and parse the data into real time, configurable dashboards to give you enterprise visibility and infinite flexibility!

Contextual Search Everything

We’ll create simultaneous contextual searches so your information is correlated, integrated, and brought together in a configurable multi-view display!

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